Technical Architecture

The SAS tool is a standard Windows based Visual Basic software application for use with a relational database such as Access, and is designed for Windows 95 or newer, Pentium PC's.
SAS does not require a local copy of Microsoft Visual Basic or Access. SAS does require a local copy of Microsoft Word 95 or newer.

The software is self-contained and does not require any network connectivity for usage. However, the data will need to be emailed to the home office so the appropriate persons can share the information. The hard drive space required to install the software is 6.5 MB. It is also recommended that your PC have a minimum of 32 MB memory. Software performance response is greatly improved on PC's with 64 MB memory and above.

This system is currently not designed as a client server based software package. All of the client data will reside locally. Future enhancements will include drag and drop with scenarios and report generating capabilities.